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Gina & Oswald, B-Wurf 2020

Anzeige Gina und Oswald Kopie.jpg

Hier ein kleines Statement über Ozzi von seiner Besitzerin:

"I am the very proud owner of bailotts Oswald. I would just like to say a few words about him, he has been the most loyal dog with the most exceptional temperament the whole of his life with me. I own his mother and father, and from the first second I saw him born I knew he was special. I trust him implicitly with the smallest child, he loves men and women.

He will quite happily say hello to strangers without any hesitation or anxieties, he is very confident. I have many animals including cats and horses and several dogs and he is wonderful with every one of them, he has amazing patience with children and just loves to be involved, he loves toys and playing with my other dogs. He also loves sleeping on my bed. He is also happy to just cuddle up on my sofa all day with me if the weather isn’t nice for playing outside. He produces the most amazing puppies who have gone on to be equally as good temperament as him. He truly is the dog of a lifetime."



Nun seht Euch die Galerie an! 

Anker 1


Oswalds Nachzucht

Unten seht Ihr 2 wunderschöne Söhne von Oswald:

"Iroh" und "Bo", vom dem Zwinger Fenris Fangs, Niederlande

Alle Fotos mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Besitzer. Vielen Dank!!!

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