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About me

Dogs and horses have been with me all my life, and that's not so short because I'm 57 years old now.

From childhood my heart beats for the beautiful breed of the German shepherd. They have always fascinated me.


After my shepherd-mixed-breed-dog "Schiwi" has been at my side for 11 years, there was a period without a dog. I wanted to offer my animals a better home than a city apartment or a boarding stable.


At the end of 2015 my dream of owning a farm in the Bavarian Forest finally came true. Here in Geraszell / Wiesenfelden, my animals and I have found a beautiful home with a lot of space to live.

Constantly comes to me something new, what can still be changed, rebuilt and improved.


Now the time had come to look again for a dog. It should be a purebred German Shepherd and possibly with a long coat. This dog should definitely have a straight back. And so I ended up with a breeder near Kiel, on the other side of Germany.

After a short wait I sat down on the plane to pick up my puppy "Quiana vom altdeutschen Eck". She was a dark gray beautiful and lovable long coated German shepherd dog from old East German lines.


At that time I already had the desire to breed these fascinating dogs. But it did not happen.


Today "Coraja von der Wolfslounge" and "Gina von El Dorado" live with me.

My dogs are family members and they are very important to me!


I share my house and my property with them. They participate in the normal course every single day. They are not locked up and are allowed to choose between being in or out.

They are treated in an appropriate manner, carefully and with respect. Kennel keeping is out of the question. My garden and yard plot of approximately 2000sqm is completely fenced. So they can move freely at any time and are safe and in good hands.


We walk every day through forests and meadows, often with other dogs. We run mantrailes, which is great fun, some dummy work in between and ZOS. They also learn some tricks and are diligent helpers in the household.