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Coraja von der Wolfslounge

Race: Altdeutscher Schäferhund

High: 59 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Pedigree:  PDF

Birth: 11.07.2016

Stud-Book: NA2016026/9

Color: silver-sable

Exams: Begleithundeprüfung

Coraja is a great companion at my side. She is always in a good mood and has fun for everyone. She has a strong will and is a very committed and eager bitch. Once she has made the decision, she can not be stopped from doing her job with great zeal. She loves people about everything and is guided in mantrailing. In addition, Coraja is also enthusiastic in the dummy work, Lost Search, ZOS and odors are looking for. She knows and knows all sorts of tricks. Even those with which you can catch my attention. She regularly brings me toilet paper from the bathroom, or shoes because she knows full well, that I react then somehow :-)

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