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Living in a family group


Our dogs and puppies live and grow up in the house. They do not know kennel keeping and always have close contact with us. The whelping box is in my office, so that mother and puppy first have their rest in front of the other dogs.


When the little ones are about 3 weeks old, they move into the living room. You can now hear and see and hear the daily sounds like TV, vacuum cleaner, various human voices, etc.


Preparing for her later life


As soon as the babies can walk, they gradually explore the whole house and if the weather permits, they may also go to the garden.You get to know driving very early and always have a lot of contact with people of different ages and with other dogs.This ensures that our puppies are well prepared for their later life in the family.


Handing the puppy to a new home


Our puppies move at the earliest at the age of 8 weeks. The are then dewormed, chipped and have a vaccination certificate.

They are vaccinated against parvovirus, distemper, heatitis and leptospirosis.

They also receive a pedigree and a puppy starter pack.