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Litter planning

Planned is a litter for summer 2019

Gina von El Dorado

Aslan vom Bachmannsgraben



Gina was covered on 15.04.2019 by Aslan!


"Aslan vom Bachmannsgraben" is a dreamlike and social male.

I was allowed to experience and get to know him and his pack with Birgit and Gabi in the Eifel.


Aslan is very confident and at the same time sensitive, meek and considerate. He is also super obedient and always gives attention to his "mistresses".


He lovingly wooed Gina and patiently waited until the right time came.I am deeply impressed and completely thrilled by this great dog.


Thank you Birgit and Gabi for the nice time with you.

Aslan vom Bachmannsgraben

Rasse: Altdeutscher Schäferhund

Haarart: Langstockhaar

Schulterhöhe: 64 cm

Gewicht: 40 kg


Vater: Kobra Red Nash vom schwarzen Panther  

Mutter: Cleo vom Schmelendorf

Aslan ist HD und ED frei sowie DM n/n

Beide Eltern sind ebenfalls HD und ED frei

Wurftag: 19.01.2016

Zuchtbuch-Nummer: ARCD-AS1-17213

Chip-Nr.: 276093400652642

Farbe: grau


24.04.2016 in der Baby Klasse des ARCD

Europa-Sieger und Royal-Cup-Winner,

mit der Wertnote VV

25.09.2016 in der Jugend Klasse

Golden Globe Sieder Schau,

und UCI-Sieger Show

mit der Wertnote SG1